It was in Rimini, Italy where I saw my first umbrellas on the beach. How beautiful it was to see all the colors. Umbrellas could be seen everywhere. I remember thinking, "Why doesn't California with its beautiful coastline and weather have something like this?"

I was traveling with the Italian American Youth Association of Los Angeles and while everyone else was enjoying the sun and activities, I was busy taking pictures of the umbrellas on the beach. I cherished those photos and never thought that two years later, in 1997, I would be approaching the California State Parks Department with my vision of putting Yellow Umbrellas on the San Buenaventura State Beach. I had no idea that my trip to Italy would turn out to be a wonderful business opportunity for me and for the enjoyment of all who com e and sit under the shade of my Yellow Umbrellas.

Now in its fifth year, The Yellow Umbrella Company continues to bring that European style of relaxation to sunny California. Just bring yourself, or come with your friends and family - we provide the umbrellas, chairs, towels, music, snack trailer, souvenirs and much more to make your day on the beach a day you will fondly remember.

We're located within walking distance of the Ventura Pier, great restaurants along the nearby promenade and just a minute's drive to Ventura's famous downtown cultural district.

Come enjoy your day at the beach, we're waiting for you!

Donna Moore
Founder and President
The Yellow Umbrella Company

The Yellow Umbrellas would never have been possible without the help of several individuals whom I would like to thank for believing in me. Claire Bishop, Steve Trainor, Kathy Donlar and Ann Dominguez, all former or present employees of the California State Parks Department.

I would also like to thank Sarah Kalvin, a Ventura artist, who has helped coordinate this year's improvements on the web site in association with MRM Web Design, and commissioned the attractive, new murals on the umbrella boxes painted by local artist, Turquoise Taylor Grant.

Special thanks to VIP Photography of Oxnard, California for the use of the wedding photographs and to Sarah Kalvin for the photographs of the Yellow Umbrellas shown on this web site.

Certificate of Recognition
California State Senate
Certificate of Special
U.S. Congressional Recognition
County of Ventura
Tourism Business Award
California State Assembly
Certificate of Recognition